The new design process begins with you and your idea. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, contact Heirloom Table Home either by submitting the request below or by telephone at 270-885-5570. We can discuss the scope of your project and identify requirements before beginning the design phase. Typically, a non-refundable $250 design fee is requested in order to start the design phase. We’ll then produce two dimensional design drawings for review. When a design is settled on, the design fee is subtracted from the initial deposit on the work. Sometimes these drawings need further revisions and can often times evolve into 3D drawings or prototypes.



Placing orders from Heirloom Table's existing furniture design can be done at anytime. Commissioned items can be customized with various wood species or dimensions, varying from what is pictured in the collection. If modified,  final pricing can be influenced by materials chosen, specs or quantities and may be treated as a custom design if changes are extensive.


Lead times vary, given the nature of the work and the time required to make each piece. It is not uncommon for our shop to be booked three or more months in advance.  Work is booked into our shop schedule based on the order deposits are taken unless a client defers to a later time frame.



Once the design of the piece, timeline and budget are agreed upon, a 75% deposit is required before proceeding. The remaining 25% is paid upon completion of the work, prior to delivery or shipment. Whenever possible we meet with the client in person and deliver the work ourselves. For greater distances and international orders much of the communication happens online or over the telephone. Wood sample, finish samples and final work is crated and shipped at the client's cost when applicable.

Please use the form below to initiate the design appointment process!