Do I need to show you pictures or give you plans for what I want?

The simple answer is no. We like to sit with our clients and plainly discuss your desires. If pictures and ideas from websites  such as Pinterest and Houzz help you convey that desire and inspire you, please bring them. As designers we welcome the challenge of coming up with a piece that satisfies your needs and makes you happier from using it. That is after all our job, designing furniture that is not only looks beautiful but functions that way too. 

What is you normal lead time to start and how long will it take?

This is a great question. As a small two man shop, Dad and I try our best to stay on a fairly tight schedule. When a client commissions us to make a piece, the deposit reserves a spot on our calendar for that job. As it is not uncommon for us to be booked months in advance, we make every effort to stay in touch with clients and update them on their orders status via email.  Start to finish time varies per job and we will give an estimated time when booking your project.

Do you use "Green" finishes in your work?

As a matter of fact, we do! The majority of our work is finished using all natural oil finishes, specifically tung and hemp oils. This year Heirloom Table has taken a further step and is proud to have the opportunity to become a Retailer for our supplier,The Real Milk Paint Co. in Hohenwald, TN. We can not boast enough about the protective and beautifying properties that an oil finish imparts on wood, hard or soft. Additionally, our tung oil is FDA approved as a food safe finish so it can be used on a multitude of our other products, such as our cutting boards and hardwood counter-tops. 

In our seating line, all of our painted furniture is finished with milk paint. Milk paint has historical presidency  as the primary finish used on such furniture as windsor chairs. We aim to continue and carry on this tradition. As a retail partner with The Real Milk Paint Co., Heirloom Table is proud to be able to use such eco friendly finishes and educate others in their use. 

Do you have retail shop hours?

Currently we do not have set retail hours and operate primarily through appointments during the week. To request an appointment with us simply call us at 270-885-5570 or email us at We would love to have more stop in traffic but because we are often running machinery that requires us to wear hearing protection we keep our doors locked for our protection as well as yours. 

Woodworking Classes

On Saturdays, beginning Summer 2017 we will be opening our doors for Hand-tool Woodworking classes. Class schedules and offerings will be posted and updated as necessary. We also may be offering limited workshops on our Milk Paint products and their uses so stay tuned for more information. You may also want to sign up for our Newsletter and Updates, see below,  so we can email you information.