2016 wrapped up and 2017 looking great!

So this past year has been interesting. We started off 2016 with a couple of fun and challenging builds, our "Lily" dining table for Tammy and Doris as well as "Darke Island", a kitchen workstation for Paul and Elizabeth. Next up was our largest job to date, a set of four bunk-beds, eight beds total for some wonderful clients, Dan and Betty and their lake-house.  These custom furniture builds were broken up by several other jobs, a dining table restoration, a challenge coin holder for a retiring service member, a quilt display shadow box for a school, a small side table, a wedding picture frame. We had also begun two more custom pieces, our Lantern dining table and a gorgeous banquette set for a client going to Montana.

With all of this under our belt the first half of 2016 was successful and set us up for a great second year in business. Then the unexpected happened. I, Shannon, had an accident at our table saw. On the Forth of July no less,  I had a board kick back and pull my hand into the back of the blade. To spare you the details it was not exactly the way I planned to spend that holiday! None the less, with expert care from the emergency room team at Jennie Stuart Medical Center and the beyond incredible surgical skills of Dr. Robbe I was patched up and sent home with a new mission: I had to get the use of my hand back. I began physical therapy sessions at Star Physical therapy and with tons of support from my wife, Mom and Dad and all of our friends and clients I stayed focused on that task while trying to keep the shop going. 
The next few months I relied heavily on Dad to manage the shop and keep us going as much as he could and he was great. We were able to finish up the two custom pieces we had started prior to my accident. The banquette set made its journey to the Lyle's new home and with the patience of buddist monks, our clients, Emily and Scott, waiting on the Lantern table gave me as much time as I needed to make sure I could finish their table and do it at a much slower pace. I will forever be appreciative of all of their understanding and kindness. It is because of amazing clients like them that we love our job as much as we do!

So what happened to our year? Well, Heirloom Table finished out last year strong! I am happy to say that even with a monumental setback we delivered 3 more pieces of custom furniture; a custom bookcase for Jesse and Jeremy, and two pieces for our friends Frank and Tammy, a dining table and huge China Cabinet that were incredible and heavy!! If you want to see pictures of any of our work please follow us on Facebook or Instagram! 

So, all of that has lead us to 2017 and lots of furniture reworking. We have, so far, modified a pew for Diane making it into a corner bench, made a beautiful stepstool in cherry, completely stripped and refinished in milk paint a hoosier cabinet and are in the process of refinishing work for 4 other clients. Whew, lots going on! Additionally, we are building a custom dining table and four stools for the Jim and Charlene and will be building an L shaped desk for the Heather and Michael.  I am super excited with all of this and hope if you need a new piece of furniture you will come to us!