Heirloom's Makers

Heirloom Table is a handcrafted furniture studio in the quaint little town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We are the kind the place people take tired furniture to  have us breathe new life into it, while at the same time sharing stories about what gives the piece a cherished home in their heart. Thankfully we are also part of a long overdue effort by like minded entrepreneurs to revitalize Hopkinsville's historic downtown. Since we opened we have seen two coffee shops, two more local restaurants, an amazing local brewery, a heath emporium and an art gallery open in our downtown. That is just the beginning! Can you tell we love this!?!

Opening Heirloom Table was also  about taking chances; the chance for me to provide an honest living for my family with the skillful use of my two hands and the gifts the creator gave me! It is the chance for me to create something bigger than me, maybe even something that one day my kids will want to be more a part of. I want to run a business where we not only work hard and work with integrity but where we can have fun, laugh, play and where we genuinely make friends with our customers. After all, isn't that part of life? Building relationships that add to our life experience and along the way becoming better for it!  

Speaking of relationship, I can't fully express how significant it has been for me to share this journey with my Dad. He has been such an influential role model for me, teaching me that patience, perseverance and hard work are some of the strongest and most empowering traits. (Have I always exhibited them.......I have my moments!) But seriously, how amazing is it to be able to work on building my dream business with Dad helping me do it! 

From the early days when I could not stop drawing or creating, to the hours I spent on a skateboard being as rebellious a youth as one can imagine, I have always felt that I was meant to be a creative. It was and still is my nature to push the envelope and to go against the mainstream and to do it my way, and then redoing it my other way. Ironically, as often as I consider myself the same punk rock nonconformist, I am just as much a purist and traditionalist. All my love and affection for woodworking, using hand tools, learning techniques and methods that makers for centuries have employed in their craft affirms my need for order, structure in my work and a desire to produce a quality of work that seems to be disappearing in today's high tech world of computers and gadgetry. I feel that in this day and age, I am a rarity, a man marching to the beat of his own drum.  And I embrace that! Perhaps that punk rock listening, skateboard riding, non-conformist is in me still after-all!